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Introducing Integrative Body Therapy an offering that stems from age old wisdom. Being healthy is dynamic process that includes many daily practices which support one another. These daily practices must address the Physical, Mental and Spiritual needs in our lives. When we support these three areas true health can begin to emerge. Integrative Body Therapy helps to uncover your imbalances in these areas and help you understand them so the body can integratively heal. Together let’s shift to a new paradigm of Modern Health. It all begins within each of us.



The Earth is our Mother! Connecting with Nature is one of the best ways to reduce stress, exercise your body and unwind your mind.

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Photo Competition - The Cost of Urban Expansion is curating a community dedicated to Earth Stewardship to shed light on The Cost of Urban Expansion. Participate in the photography competition to share your story and inspire others to take care of the Earth. Winners will be featured and asked to share their story at the CREATE Core Courage Gala in Asbury Park, NJ, Nov 2019.


WHAT: Mixed Media Photography
WHO: Artists in the Tri-State Area
HOW: Submit digital representation 
WHEN: Submit entry by October 12th, 2019
Jury selection feedback will be provided regarding all entries by Oct 15, 2019
Selected works and artists must be available for the CREATE Core Courage Event Nov 6th 
Submit up to 2 images on the webpage.


Meet Meghan Ryan

Welcome to A Balanced State where  I invite you to join me on a journey of self discovery.  My offerings are designed to give you support to manage stress and become mindful of unconscious habits.   They stem from my own personal experiences and teachings that have led me to become more at peace with myself.   Together we will choose a combination of practices including yoga, meditation, bodywork and energy work woven together with Nature based Spirituality for a balanced accessible approach to lifestyle wellness.


What are people saying?

I have had the opportunity to work with Meghan over the past several years. I sit at a desk for work which led to chronic neck and shoulder tension. Her ability to effectively target and treat my pain via multiple modalities has been life changing. I now sleep better and my migraines have also gone away!
— Lori B, business Analyst
This week has been incredible.  I’ve felt more calm and content in general and I am sleeping really well.  I also feel like its been easier to articulate my thoughts and emotions, especially in an assertive way which is often difficult for me.  My body is also feeling better and my digestion has improved!
— Sean, realtor