Meghan Ryan


A Balanced State

A Balanced State is discovery and fusion of my experiences, teachings, mentors and interests that have kept me going despite our stressful society.   Yoga, meditation, massage and energy work when practiced routinely allows us to transcend our fast paced way of life and learn to live in tune with ourselves. However we must also address diet so the body has the correct prana to innately heal. Everything can then come together in balanced state of union: body, mind and spirit.


Meghan Ryan - BA LMT RYT

Integrative Therapist, Lifestyle Geographer and Visionary

My Journey

Growing up I remember my father growing food in large gardens, my mother jarring tomatoes and vacation being a tent in the woods. I believe this is where my journey of wellness began, in childhood, in Nature. Then as a young adult my Aunt introduced me to Yoga.  During college yoga was a huge influence on me also exposing me to Zen Meditation and Tai Chi. These practices led me to become aware of our profound mind body connection. When I had a particularly stressful semester instead of taking pills, which a psychologist tried to prescribe, I turned to yoga, meditation and herbal remedies. This began a life long journey of discovery into self care / preventative health practices that continues to this day.  I remember that decision as a turning point, unconsciously defining who I was by challenging mainstream medicine and putting faith in myself knowing I could learn to manage my stress in a natural way. 

In 2007 I graduated from BU with a degree in Physical Geography and began working in the field but found being behind a computer screen challenging, having always enjoyed working with people in restaurants and catering. A few years later I walked away from the screen and enrolled in a Therapeutic Massage Program, afterwards continuing my professional education with Thai Massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.  During this time I also sought out personal skills working part time at vegan restaurant and a composting company in addition to taking the Monmouth County Master Gardener program.  I realized over the years I hold many interests but they are all related to one thing - Balanced Healthy Living.  In 2017 after fifteen years of personal yoga practice I became a Registered Yoga Teacher through The New School of Yoga in Brookline, MA. This Yogic path has ultimately led me to realize all of my interests fall under one umbrella: Ayurveda. I am currently studying to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner and incorporate these principles whenever possible into my offerings. Ayurveda teaches each person has a unique constitution, there is no magic bullet or cure all that works for Everyone. I now invite you, wherever you are on your path, to join me and discover the unique you that has always been there, waiting to be uncovered and come into A Balanced State. With Love and Highest Gratitude.

-Meghan Ryan, BA, LMT, RYT