Massage Therapy

I received my license to practice massage therapy from SpaTech in 2010 and since then have studied Thai Massage, Myofascial release, Hot Stone Massage and a number of other massage techniques.   Massage can help release tension from stress, increase range of motion, increase flexibility and aid in circulation among many other benefits.  When combined with yoga or restorative harmonics the effectiveness of the massage increases and recovery from injury is faster. 

Specialties : 

Neck & Shoulder Tension  

Great for people who sit at desks or drive long hours.  Decreases migraines and alleviates insomnia by releasing tension in the neck and surrounding muscles.  Techniques used include: myofascial release, positional release and trigger point therapy.  Can be offered fully clothed.


Thai Massage

A fully clothed session that includes assisted full body stretches.  Increases range of motion and flexibility and decreases tension.   Great for Athletes and people with tight legs and core!  Performed on the floor on a cushioned mat.


Myofascial Release

When the body is injured it creates adhesions and restrictions in the fascia that limit your normal range of motion.  This is a deep tissue technique that releases these restrictions and helps during recovery after injury.