A culmination of 10 years of bodywork and self discovery has led me to offer what I call Integrative Therapy. This therapy brings together Traditional Massage, Yoga & Meditation, Plant Based Foods and Nature as Spirituality to help individuals find solutions to physical pain and decrease stress in their lives.

Sessions begin with a thorough intake and from there are designed based on your current state and future goals.  During individual sessions areas that hold emotional and physical tension are addressed and unhealthy mental and physical patterns created by stress begin to unwind. 

Because it takes years for disharmony to occur in the body - which can come from many places in your life - it is recommended that clients commit to a series of 4 sessions to establish a baseline to reset mal-adaptive patterns and bring the body back into its original state of balance

Clients are given self-help practices after each session and a follow up call.


1st Session: 90 minutes $120

Follow Up: 75 min $100

Tune Up: 60 min $80

Package of 5+ 10% discount

Package of 10+ 20% discount