Why Ritual? Our lives are in a constant state of motion. Go here, do this, finish that. It’s hard to keep everything together. This is why we need ritual. To find time to unwind the mind, slow down the body and reset. When we craft our Lifestyle around basic rituals we can find solace in the day, get better at time management and have a more fulfilling relationship with our self and with others. I offer accessible Rituals that lead us into harmony. Learn more below.



The Science of Yoga is about learning to quiet the mind "chatter" and gain control over thoughts which often plague us when this occurs we can connect to the spirit within and move from our Intuitive Nature.  Drawing from 15+ years of experience with personal practice in Hatha Yoga I incorporate elements of Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin and Thai Yoga Massage.  Join me for Yoga and Meditation for personal balance, alignment and restoration.  I will travel to you for groups up to 5 people (additional travel costs).  Inquire within for larger groups.




(2 hours; consultation and 90 min treatment)


60 min $100 90 min: $145


A culmination of 10 years of bodywork has led me to offer what I call Integrative Therapy. A combination of traditional Therapeutic Massage, Thai Massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki. It also weaves in sound therapy, essential oils, guided breathwork and mindfulness meditation to lead the body and brain back to a balanced state where healing can occur.  During the session areas that hold emotional and physical tension are addressed and unhealthy mental and physical patterns created by stress are released. 

This therapy can be combined with yoga or CBD application for severe chronic pain, all depending on your specific needs.  This session is fully clothed and appropriate for all ages. If you are experiencing any mental or physical discomfort contact me today for a free consultation to see how Integrative Therapy can return you to a content state of being. 

Because it takes years for disharmony to occur in the body which can come from many places in your life, the first session includes a comprehensive Ayurvedic consultation followed by a 90 minute treatment. In addition, a commitment of 5 sessions is recommended for new clients in order for the body to establish a baseline in the healing process. It is only with consistent focused treatments, dedicated mental intent and lifestyle changes that the whole being may return to a state of health.