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In our society of cell phones and social media it is easy to feel overwhelmed with things to constantly do and people to stay connected with. You however, are the most important person in your life and taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do for those around you.   Meditation facilitates the recharge you need to stop your mind from racing to the next thing.

What is meditation?

There are many different variations of meditation and no one variation is "right".  Meditation can be done walking, sitting, standing and lying down but the common theme throughout meditation practice is a sense of awareness of the self and non-attachment to the past and future.  There are so many types of meditation you could try a different one every day for a month!  The most important thing is to find a meditation that works well for you and stick with it.  The more you meditate the greater the effect on your mind, body and spirit.  So what are you waiting for?  Give meditation a chance to create positive changes in your life today.