nature based spirituality


Why Nature? We come from the natural world but we live in a society with cars, screens and many other unnatural things. These things lead us away from our Source and the natural state of Being. One of my favorite sayings is we are not Do-ings we are Be-ings! When we return to Nature: parks, gardens and other outdoor spaces we return to a slower state of being. We connect with what sustains us. It has been found that even 15 minutes outside listening to nature sounds can lower stress levels in the body. Let us return to Nature and connect to the Spirit of Creation.

Forest Bathing


A new type of Guided Meditation. I offer Individual and Group walks through some of our majestic local parks. Since returning to NJ this year I have been Volunteering for the Monmouth County Parks system learning about all of our Natural Resources and Beauty. Please contact me to learn more about hosting a meditative walk through one of our many parks. My favorites are Huber, Hartshorne and Deep Cut Gardens. Walks are guided meditations and meant to bring us closer to the natural elements.

Vegetable Gardens


After volunteering at a Botanical Garden in 2011 I decided to complete the Monmouth County Master Gardeners program and that year installed a front yard garden at my mom’s house in Tinton Falls. The garden is still there and maintained by my family to this day producing food and smiles from the neighbors who look forward to seeing new things grow every year. Gardens are a wonderful way to have your own natural escape from the world. Better yet you can eat what you grow in vegetable and herb gardens ! I am currently teamed up with Debbie Lee Kernahan of Garden State Green Quest to offer consultations in:

vegetable and herb gardens

home composting