Stress and the Brain


prevention is key

Contrary to popular opinion we are not robots and cannot function on no rest and only work all the time.  Finding time to relax and recharge is a necessary part of being healthy.  If you are already experiencing symptoms of discomfort from stress contact me today for a free consultation.  


What is stress? 

how can we alleviate the acute and chronic conditions due to stress?

Stress is a physiological response to stimuli that we encounter on a daily basis.  It increases cortisol, adrenaline and other neurotransmitters in the brain so we can effectively manage our lives.  However when we are constantly in contact with stress our base physiology begins to alter and our physical and mental states start to wear down.

In a relaxed state our brain waves are in Alpha Waves (yellow line).  Alpha brain waves are optimal for healing and proper immune function.  As we start our day  and perform tasks such as driving our car our brain waves go into Beta Waves (green line) indicating mild levels of stress and when we are performing high level cognitive functions we are in Gamma Waves (blue line) or are in a fight or flight state of high adrenaline.  These three states are waking states.  When we dream we experience Theta brain waves (orange line) and the deep dreamless state is Delta brain waves (red lines).  Both of these states are necessary for the body to reset and recharge.  However after months and years of constantly being in a Beta or Gamma state and never Alpha our brains become wired to always be in a state of stress, never relaxing or letting go leading to physical discomforts such as tense muscles and potentially mental insomnia never giving the body a chance to fully heal.

Then one day the body says enough!  I call this "flat lining".  You wake up one day with a discomfort or disease such as tinnitus, vertigo, migraine headaches or frozen shoulder, something that prevents you from working and forces you to stay in bed.  In my 8 years of experience with clients I have found in order for the body to heal we have to address not only the physical discomforts but also the mental stress. From this understanding I have moved towards offering Energetic Bodywork which addresses the mind-body connection to remove the ailments caused by stress and bring you into a meditative state where the body can restore and heal.